What is Chronic Low Back Pain?

You are not alone if your life is affected by low back pain. Approximately two thirds of people suffer from low back pain at some time during their life. In nine out of ten people back pain resolves within a few months. However, for 7% back pain becomes a chronic condition1.

In most cases, low back pain starts as a simple strain or sprain of one of the joints in the spine. In response to joint pain, the brain tries to limit painful movements. One way it does this is by suppressing activation of the muscles that stabilize the lower back. When this happens, the spine moves more easily into painful positions. This can result in an ongoing cycle of chronic low back pain and muscle weakening.

Many studies show that reactivation of muscle control is an important step to break the vicious cycle of chronic low back pain2,3. Specific exercise programs offered by physiotherapy specialists can help you regain control of your spine stabilizing muscles4. Medical guidelines recommend a supervised exercise program.

If conventional treatment is not enough to restore control of the spine stabilizing muscles, ReActiv8 might be considered as a new option.

Once muscle control improves, your physician may recommend additional muscle strengthening exercises to reduce the risk of future recurrences of back pain.

How Does ReActiv8 Work?

Many studies show that restoration of muscle activation is an important step in the treatment of chronic low back pain.1,2

ReActiv8 is a small implanted device which stimulates the nerves responsible for activating the key muscles that stabilize the lower back.

Similar to exercise programs used to restore muscle control3, you deliver ReActiv8 sessions twice a day for about 30 minutes. During the sessions ReActiv8 will activate the muscles in your lower back. You are always in control of the stimulation session via a handheld wireless remote control.

Over time, the stimulated activation may help your brain and body learn how to better control the muscles in between sessions. Restoration of muscle control and spine stabilization allows your body to recover from chronic low back pain2. 

View the video below to learn more about chronic low back pain and how ReActiv8 works.

Is ReActiv8 Right For Me?

ReActiv8 is designed to provide therapy for people whose lives are significantly impacted by chronic low back pain. The first step in evaluating if ReActiv8 is right for you is to talk with a back pain specialist.

ReActiv8 therapy may be considered as an option if the following describes your situation:

1 – I have had back pain for more than 3 months and it is affecting my ability to function.

2 – I have not had back surgery and my doctor told me it is not for me.

3 – I have completed an expert guided exercise program and continue to be impaired by low back pain.

4 – I am motivated to explore a new option.

ReActiv8 is CE marked for the treatment of chronic low back pain and available for sale in Europe. Mainstay Medical is prohibited from providing medical information directly to individuals. Please contact your personal physician to address questions concerning your individual health situation.

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